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Under The House

Under The House

So why do I have a blog? Occasionally I ask this alongside of: why am I even putting this online?

These questions usually come up when I post something that I know is not the best thing out there or even the most mediocre thing out there. Yet I seem to post it anyway. My answer to myself is that I want to have one post a day for as long as I can, once a single day lapses then it becomes so much easier to put a post of for another day. Then another. Soon the blog falls to the wayside much like my first blog at PNN. With the blog falling out of sight and mind it is hard to come back to it, it is much easier to start a new one with new goals and hopefully a new audience (or an audience depending). 

When I am in school I write an e-mail home every week about what I have been doing or often what I should have been doing. The e-mails tend to average around 1300 words each. This gave me plenty of opportunity to write creatively during the school year. Then summer hit (if you go from Scotland to California it does literaly hit). I stopped writing. I needed an outlet in which to write. I also like taking and sharing photos.

Thus I created this blog. 

Creativity is a fickle thing when it comes to writing every day. I try though to be original, mildly entertaining or at least provide a nice picture. Sometimes creativity does strike and I come up with a series of posts on the same subject. Other times I look at my photos until I find one that I like and write about it. Then there are those times when I don’t feel like doing anything and just post a picture with a few words. Finally there are days like today when I conduct a short bit of introspective blogging on my own blog. This does lend itself to rambling.

One feature of WordPress blogs is the easy to access daily hit graph in the admin section. I really wish they did not have this. The mere presence of the hit counter causes me to compulsively check it to see how my blog is doing. I hoped, in the beginning, that there would be some correlation between what I post and the hits I get in a given day. So far no pattern has emerged. A second problem is that I base my concept of the day on local time (-8 GMT) while the little graph (and the whole website) on GMT. So while I do post once a day my time I sometimes post two things in a day or none at all. Again this does not help me and my compulsive need to track statistics.

Rambling is hard to stop. So about that photo up there. I took that in the crawlspace under my family house with a Nikon D60 and a tripod. I compiled about seven shots to make the HDR photo seen above, I might do some more HDR shots of the wine barrels as I feel that they turned out particularly well.

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