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A redwood shedding its bark.

A redwood shedding its bark.

Today I went hiking around Armstrong Grove in Sonoma County, a redwood forest and towards the end I found this tree. Well I suppose I did not really find it as it happened to fall right across the old path. I carried my camera, extra lens and tripod through the rest of the forest so I was glad to find a good subject for a photo. One thing about redwood forests, unless you have a fisheye lens they are hard to photograph. Try taking a picture of the tree in the forest.

For this photo I used:

  • Aperture f/11
  • Shutter speeds 6 to 1/40 of a second
  • 22mm on my 18-55mm lens
  • 8 shots total

I compiled the shots with Photomatix set to:

  • Strength 100
  • Luminosity +10
  • White point 0.800
  • Black point 0.126
  • Gamma 1.20
  • Temperature +3

Everything else was at the default settings, or at least the setting it was at the last time I used it.

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