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Drinking Age Solution

A sad lonely glass.

A sad lonely glass.


Recently in the news has been a revitalization of the drinking age discussing. One of the causes of this resusitation has been a petition by college professors to lower the drinking age. They argue that the current drinking age encourages binge drinking of college students. Proponents for the current drinking age posit that it reduces drunk driving accidents and deaths. Both sides have good evidence for their arguments.

I have a simple solution to appease both groups. Lower the drinking age to eighteen only at Universities and only for students. Since the students are already at the university when they drink they won’t be driving home. And those who would be driving are still not allowed to drink until they are twenty one. One of the problems of this proposal are universities that are not contained campuses like UC Santa Barbara and are spread out across cities or areas.

The main reason for this change is that it will produce an upswing in college applicants. If there as the associated status of being able to drink with being in college more high school students will try harder and actually go to college.

I am sure segregating people based on age and educational status will have no problems what so ever.

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