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The seedy underbelly of outdoor theater.

The seedy underbelly of outdoor theater.

Not much today. I added a new page for information about all of my photos and such. Essentially I just wanted someplace to put basic copyright information. In this case it consists of “(c) Michael Hutchins – All Rights Reserved”. There is more I could do I just do not think it is worth it at this time.

A positive note is that I am now uploading all of my photos to flickr so if you want to see an photo from an old blog post you can look there instead of going through all the old post. Mostly because the post titles and the photos are not necessarily coordinated in any way.

My only comment is that to upload the previous forty photos I used the Flickr Uploader program. First I exported the photos at a set resolution to a folder and then tried to upload them using this program. It took three tries to get all of the photos and none of my tags in iPhoto carried over. So I am not that impressed by it. I would use Picasa instead but flickr has the group feature I want to try out. If I do switch over to picasa in the future I will of course post it here with yet another unrelated photo. Unless I happen to get a tour of Google between now and then.

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