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I like signs.

I like signs.

So I have changed the name of the blog. Instead of Hutchins Travel it is now (as you can see) Walk the Grass. The name was inspired by the above sign I saw in a Dutch tulip garden and since I love signs that are grammatically incorrect.

When coming up with the new name I originally wanted to find something deep and meaningful that would say alot about me as a person in a pithy phrase. I then realized that my blog is nowhere near deep and meaningful and mostly borders on ramblings and thoughts of the day. So maybe an obscure line of poetry perhaps, e. e. cummings or Lewis Carrol. Again nothing came of it that sounded like something I could write under. I tried alliteration as that is a good avenue in a pinch. Once again nothing suited. My last bastion of hope before turning to Walk the Grass, puns. As a physics student I do enjoy a good pun, but nothing would work in the name of my blog. So I went with the current name after thinking about one of my favorite signs.

The original name was always a place holder anyway, when I formed the blog a month and a half ago I knew what I wanted to put into the blog but not what to call it. Initially it was to be all about travel and hence the original name, now I find myself topically varied and without a core theme to my articles. Thus the name change. Some of the rejected names were: Grandiloquent by Design, Creativity by Constraint and Obsequious and Oblong. These sounded great in my head, the moment I said them aloud to someone else I realized that they would not do.

I also just finished studying for the GRE (taking it next Tuesday) and so I had all this new vocab rattling around in my head looking a way to escape. I hope the new name fits better then the old one, I am looking into updating the header picture as well.

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