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With some things you see nothing else.

With some things you see nothing else.

Over a summer of playing video games only a few of the games drew me in to the point when I lost hours of the day instantly. Growing up this happened more often then not, but as I grew older it stopped occurring as frequently. Up until the days of Super Nintendo I would wake up earlier to play Chrono Trigger or Earthbound and then stay up as let as I could to get just a little farther in Mario RPG. Of course when I heard that Chrono Trigger is going to rereleased this year for the DS I know what I will be doing come Christmas (and one day the other Earthbound games will make it over, one day).

Then the N64 came out and my time was lost again, this time to hours of multiplayer with my friends or my brother. The other day I hooked my N64 up to my laptop to test some hardware and used Super Smash Bros. to see how responsive it was, I looked at the VS Record to find that we had played over twenty one days of gametime. On one game alone. There was also Goldeneye and Mario Kart (though I really only started playing Mario Kart 64 this year). There were some other RPGs and of course Zelda but what I remember the most was the multiplayer.

Gamecube games had the same pull as SNES RPG’s. Zelda, Tales of Symphonia, Baten Kaitos and Resident Evil 4. But for some reason the multiplayer did not work as well as that on the N64. Instead of Goldeneye there was Timesplitters 2, Super Smash Bros. Melee improved on the first and I guess there was a Mario Kart game, I think I plated it once. We did not play them as much. Part of the problem was that at this time computer games started to take over as the main method of multiplayer.  

Finally the current generation of systems came out. I have only ever owned Nintendo consoles, I don’t know why, but early on I chose them as my console company of choice and I have stuck with it. Except that my brother bought himself an Xbox 360. Then my Dad needed a blu-ray player and bought a Playstation 3. This summer, with the help of Gamefly, I have been catching up on the games that I missed while studying abroad. And most were good games. Some I liked enough to buy, some I played through once and felt that was enough. There have not been many that made we lose all sense of time. Portal was one of these, I lost all sense of time for the three and half hours the game took me. Mass Effect and Bioshock both had parts that caused a loss of temporal awareness yet in both cases it never lasted long. Heavenly Sword (the only PS3 game I have liked) made me want to find out what happened next except I could not play it for long periods of time.

Then this week I found one of the first games to suck me in completely. Tales of Vesperia. Once I head that another Tales game was coming out (I loved the Gamecube Tales of Symphonia) I had to get it. Even better another it coming out for the Wii later this year. Since Tuesday I have been completely absorbed my Tales of Vesperia, I have to force myself to do things like stop the game to eat some food, drink something to prevent dehydration or take some vitamins to stave of scurvy. I am fully hooked into it. I know I should be doing other things related to graduate school and going back to Santa Barbara, this game just keeps calling me back. I have not had this type of enjoyable involvement in a console game in a while (not counting Mario Kart Rainbow Road Last Man Seeing contests). I am fully enjoying the game.

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