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Crissy Field in San Francisco

Crissy Field in San Francisco

I previously posted a review of the video game rental service Gamefly. Last week I decided to cancel my membership since my summer is coming to a close. There have been some bad reviews of the Gamefly cancellation experience so I thought I would through my own into the mix.

First off I assumed that I could cancel by removing the automatic billing and just let the current month expire. Unfortunately you can’t do that. Instead your membership ends on the day you cancel with any remaining time being lost. So I decided to wait until the last day of the billing month before I cancelled. The day before I cancelled I bought one of the games I was currently renting (Tales of Vesperia) and the second game (I had a two game plan) was currently being mailed to me. Once I confirmed that the game case was also being shipped I started the cancellation process.

The cancellation button is easy to find in the member section and was not hidden in some obscure fine print. After I filled out the form stating why I was cancelling (going back to college in my case) the next page was a special promotion to give me a 30% discount if I decided to stay. I am not sure how often this comes up so I would not recommend attempting to cancel just to get this discount. Since when you do cancel you lose you Gamefly membership level, which after about six months starts giving percentage discount off of games. So I cancelled without a problem.

Except that I still technically had one of their games rented out. Even though I had not received it yet I had seven days for them to receive the game back else I would be charged the cost of the game. Deliver and return times were fairly consistent so I knew that I would have time to receive and then send it back. If I had known that I was going to cancel I would have emptied my game queue to prevent any games being shipped to me within the last three days or so. So they received it fine and as I do not have a gamefly membership charge on my credit card it looks like the cancellation went smoothly without problems.

One thing I would like to add about rental services like Gamefly and Netflix is that there seems to be an economic pressure to use the rental as soon as possible in order to return it for another. If a game or movie just sits next to the console without being played it can feel like the subscription is just not worth the money, even though a month is much cheaper then a single newish game. I guess the same feeling can apply to any subscription service be it World of Warcraft or Netflix.

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