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Drivers Test

A Road. A Road.

A Road. A Road.

Yesterday I took my GRE, today I tackled another test that has been waiting for the past four years: my driver’s license. Like most people I got my drivers permit around my sixteenth birthday. And then it expired on its own, so I got it again. That one expired. Finally I got my third drivers permit for last time. Then that one expired. Eventually I came to my current permit, I don’t remember which one it is, but there have been a few of them.

About a week or so ago I decided I should make an appointment for my behind the wheel driver exam. So I checked the DMV website, an online appointment system existed. I checked the first appointment before I went back to school. The local DMV was fully booked. I tried the next closest, same thing. I went a county south and it was also fully booked. This was not looking good. So I called their phone system to see if maybe there was an error on the online system. After waiting on hold I was told that, no they are indeed fully booked. I asked where the nearest appointment was, it was a week and a half and about an hour drive away. Ah well it was an exam.

Today I was taken over there for the test. Fortunately the DMV is in a flat area, I could not imagine taking the test in San Francisco. As required by the DMV I took my exam about forty minutes after my scheduled time. Suffice to say I was fairly nervous waiting for the examiner to come out. Luckily for me my examiner was not extremely alert and fastidious. He starting texting someone while I was driving around. Aside from the two pedestrians I hit and that tree that jumped in my way I managed to pass.

To be honest I am still a bit shocked that I managed to pass the exam given my confidence in driving. Now that I have my drivers license (or will have one mailed soon) I can go back to not driving and riding my bicycle when needed. Not that I would have a car to drive if I wanted to.

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