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Cannon Control to Protect Our Monuments!

Cannon Control to Protect Our Monuments!

Politically I tend to lean heavily in the direction of liberal, I also tend to lean towards libertarian as well. While I was in Scotland one of my friends, a member of the Officers Training Corps, tended to bring up gun control in the United States. From his perspective it seemed so strange that it was so easy to buy a functional gun (in the UK you can buy disabled guns). Growing up I did not have any exposure to guns or any real weapons, eventually though my brother became interested in hunting and now there are several guns of various types around the house.

About a year and half ago I asked my brother to take me out shooting with him, the basics of shooting a gun seemed like a good skill to have. We shot clay pigeons on a dairy ranch with some shotguns, I also tried out a handgun and a rifle though not to shoot clay pigeons. It was pretty fun except the part where I forgot to fully brace the shotgun before I fired. That hurt.

In the midst of the presidential campaign I asked myself where I really stand on many of the single issues in case I am involved in a discussion when I get back to school. I surprisingly found myself against most gun control. It is not because I want to have a gun to protect myself and my family from criminals or other people. It is not because I want to become a hunter. Rather I feel that we the people should be armed to protect ourselves from our government. 

One of the ideals that seems to have become lost over the course of American history is that the people should not be afraid of the government, the government should be afraid of the people. 

I still think that we should have strict government control over cannons, I have seen way to many pointed directly at historic and cultural monuments.

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