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Super Smash Bros. VS Record. Time totals 21 solid days.

Super Smash Bros. VS Record. Time totals 21 solid days.


My favorite aspect and multiplayer console games are the multiplayer modes that are made up during play instead of those meant to be a part of the game. The best games to create new modes of play are those that are not as complex such as Goldeneye and Mario Kart 64.

The first new mode that my friends and I came up with, maybe not the only ones to do so, is Goldeneye Jousting. The only in game mode that is needed is one shot kills. The set up work best is Facility with three or more players. The two jousting rink is the corridor between the two chemical tank rooms, each player starts behind the doors on opposite sides of the corridors. They crouch down, put away all guns and the doors open. They charge at each other, slappers slapping, making passes until one lies dead or both have taken the other out. The extra players are needed so that there are witnesses in the game, preferably with guns to enforce the rules.

Another Goldeneye favorite involved mines. Mainly remote and proximity mines. This is a king of the hill type game, except that the hill is actually the center room of Complex and it is turned into more of a fortress. Essentially one player resides in that particular room with no weapon other then proximity mines and tries his best to protect his base. The other three players have a loose alliance to take him out and usurp his position. A usable tactic in these situations, if there are actual teams, is to place remote mines on one player and have him run in to deliver the explosives. If friendly fire is off he should live or at least respawn soon enough to take out his friend who walked over the detonation site to reach to fortress.

A game mode I have not tried for fear of my health takes place in Mario Kart 64. This mode works best at night, in a dark room, with no lights on. The victor is not necessarily the one who wins the most victories but the one to survive the longest. It is a Rainbow Road Marathon. Four players continuously play Rainbow Road either the last person playing after his fellow players have lost eyesight for the week or the person with the most wins after everyone agrees they cannot take any more, wins. It may work with modern versions of Mario Kart, but I feel that simplistic, crude, flashing nature of the N64 Rainbow Road would be harsher on the eyes then the modern ones with softer graphics. Bonus points for knocking someone off the track.

With a lot of games going online I have felt that the camaraderie of console or LAN multiplayer is lost. Sure you can use headsets for voice chat but that does not make up for the dread that can be infused in seeing a friends malicious grin illuminated by the glow of his computer monitor, followed by a swift return to the starting point.

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