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A certain plant is enjoyed here. I don't know which.

A certain plant is enjoyed here. I don't know which one.

Christianshavn is an area of Copenhagen located south of the main city across the large canal. My friend had heard of the area and we went to check it out (it was mid-December when we went). It sounded like a really lawless and free area. When we crossed the canal we encountered a surprisingly nice neighborhood with churces, school and bakeries. It felt like the area of Copenhagen where people lived instead of the main drags full of stuff people buy. We wondered past a church being renovated, a common occurrence in Europe, and found a small path leading past a couple walls. On the side of the nearby building was a large painted mural of bright cheerful tree. A lot of people were going in and out of the area.

Being afraid of offending anyone or disturbing social moires we headed in taking pictures along the way. We had stumbled into Christiania, a subset of Christianshavn. This was the radical police free area we had heard about. As we walked in it looked rather bleak, or would have if not for the prolific murals combined with creative graffiti. There was quite a few references to some sort of green leafy plant and Alice in Wonderland.

A sign in english proclaimed that the plants in this particular planter were THC free Hemp and not to be smoked. In the middle of December the planter was empty.

When we finally found the main thoroughfare of the small area it was plasted with signs and warning about not taking pictures. Whoops. The streets or more accurately dirt roads were full of shops selling pot related merchandise, marijuana dispensiaries and barrels full of flaming warmth. Also lots of abandoned (or maybe communal) bicycles.

Despite the murals the place was not full of happy merry vibes. We left quickly and silently.

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