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Photo Blur


An attempt at zooming during an exposure.

An attempt at zooming during an exposure.

Tomorrow classes start at UCSB and with it a quarter that will be full of work. At first the load of work was going to be manageable: three classes, some research work and graduate school applications. Now I am adding a fourth class (all upper-division physics) to put met at 19 or 20 units (the average is fifteen) for the quarter. Oh, there is also the Physics GRE in November. 

All of Edinburgh University classes transfered over nicely to the UCSB classes I needed with an elective actually counting for a few. Goes to show that study abroad is possible with a science major, it just needs careful planning. This particular opinion I now hold may change once classes start, in particular Quantum Mechanics, because it is the third part of a series and I believe that my Edinburgh class covered the first two parts of the series. I hope I am not dreadfully wrong.

I have all these plans for great photography shoots now I do not know if I will have the energy to do so (most are right around sunset and sunrise).

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