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Good Sage Advice

Good Sage Advice

I never understood why marijuana is illegal. Alcohol alters behavior and causes us to do stupid things, yet it is legal. Tobacco causes long term health effects including death, yet it is still legal. Coffee alters our state of mind and it addictive, yet it is legal. But marijuana? No can’t have that!

We should legalize marijuana in the same capacity that tobacco, alcohol, caffeine and all of our other non-drug drugs are legal. If we legalize it then we can, surprise, tax it. This tax money could then be used for the cost of enforcing whatever agency would then supervise the growing or selling of marijuana. Sort of the like the Department of Alcohol and Beverage Control or the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Except with Marijuana somewhere in the name.

Most of the anti-marijuana ads that I have seen really highlight one or two things. The first is that smoking marijuana will cause you to forget about life and fall into a spiral of neglect and forgetfulness. This could also be TV, video games, bad relationships or any addiction. 

The second argument is the one where a stoned driver crashes into a tree, and dude, seriously, that tree totally jumped in front of him. Or if not a tree then a small innocent child whistling happily to themselves as they ride in front of the beat up, often brown, car filled with smoke.

Well, if we legalize it then we just make driving under the influence a crime. Maybe we could abbreviate that to something like DUI? 

Legalization of marijuana in all cases would also allow for a better development and acceptance of medical marijuana treatment.

I should also mention to prevent any ad hominem reactions I should say that while I do live in and near areas where medical marijuana is legal and that I also go to school in one of the top twenty pot schools in the country, that I personally do not smoke marijuana.

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