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La Cumbre Peak


I should have brought more water instead of a camera.

I should have brought more water instead of a camera.

A ten mile hike with a three thousand foot elevation change? Sure, no problem! I have ten miles before, I did ten miles in a day in Paris, I walked five miles a day in Edinburgh. I assumed that I could do it. To be fair I did make it to the top of La Cumbre peak, the highest in the Santa Barbara area. I had to have a lot of encouragement from those I was with, two people who did backpacking and serious hiking. They are training to climb Mt. Reinier next summer. I just wanted to get out of the area.

Initially we had this hard rock clambering path planned out, thirty minutes up in the brush we realized that we had no idea where the path was. We were not looking for a nice wide path, rather a direction that was not blocked by thick scrub or vertical rock. We had to turn around. Instead we did the Tunnel Trail up to the top. It was a dusty, hot path covered in loose rocks and more dust. I wheezed, lost vision for moments and stumbled forward and up. With the pushing of my friends I made it.

Once at the top we had a nice break without water (none was left) with our good friends the flies. The problem with this is that I was done in. Except the only way home was to hike the five miles and three thousand feet back down with temperatures reaching nineties and into the hundreds for small segments. I thought I was not going to make it.

I was never more thankful for seeing a car with air conditioning. 

Now of course I barely move.

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