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In Stirling, Scotland there is the William Wallace Monument. To the Scots William Wallace is a hero, to the world he is Braveheart. There are no pictures or imagery of William Wallace so every picture, statue and engraving is based on what a scottish hero should look like.

So at the base of the Wallace Monument (it is on a hill) there is a statue of Mel Gib–William Wallace. It was donated to the memorial but there are some issues with it. The first is that it has a relatively strong resemblance to a certain actor from a certain movie. While the Scots like the movie (at least the ones I talked too) there is a very strong undercurrent of dislike of this particular statue.

Strong enough to break off noses it seems.

Since it was initially put in place this statue has been chipped, vandalized and almost torn down. Now it is monitored by CCTV (in the UK? CCTV? I am shocked).

At five o’clock every day this statue symbolizing freedom of the Scottish people is locked away behind a blue cage. 

I was told by a tour guide that Braveheart was not in fact William Wallace but rather Rob Roy. I am not sure how accurate this is since trying to find any information on the original Braveheart or William Wallace turns up the movie and occasionally some websites that only reference the movie slightly.

I will find out one day when I return to Scotland who the moniker Braveheart belongs.

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