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Flower debates are tough to watch.

Flower debates are tough to watch.

First I would like to say that I could not find a good source online to watch the vice presidential debates. The best and only one I found was through C-SPAN and it was a small, low quality Real Player streaming video. I was not so worried about the video quality but the audio was inaudible at times.

What I find frustrating about debates, I suppose it applies to politicians in general, is the lack of ability to directly answer the questions asked. With the vice presidential candidates it seemed to me that for the most part Joe Biden answered the question asked, while for several questions such as gay civil rights and McCain’s stock market regulation policies Sarah Palin avoided and diverted the question. To some extent every politicians alters the question asked slightly, but for these two particular ones I felt disappointed that they were not answered.

Then there is the one question that is never really answered: What is your weakest trait? The weakness is always a, well, stupid one. They might as well say, “My weakness is that I am was too awesome”. Of course they do not answer it, if I was in that situation I probably would not answer it. It would just be refreshing to have a candidate for once to give a real answer to this question.

Maybe they could do it quietly at the end so only a few people hear.

There is always the question after a debate of who “won”. This is always a hard question for me since I watch the debates already knowing who I will vote for, I watch just find out more about the other side. I know about the candidates I agree with, I want to know about the ones I do not so if they win I know what to expect. 

At least this debate did not have the running graph of audience reactions. That was just silly.

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