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Photomatix Presets

The UCen at UCSB.

The UCen at UCSB.


Using Photomatix Pro for HDR image processing I find myself testing out a few presets on each image before starting to do adjustments to all of the sliders. Of course there are not that many presets to begin with, that is none, so I have had to build up a collection of my own.

As I started adding presets I found myself naming them after the photograph in which they were made. So I had a collection of presets with names with no real correlation to when I should try them out. To remedy this I have renamed my presets to have the structure: [Type of Light] – [Photo Name]. So I may have Night – Storke Tower or Midday Shade – Sloughing Redwood.

With this structure I can quickly find the set of presets that would best apply to the current photo I am working on, then I choose the preset from a photo with similar light and color. Form there I can make minor adjustments to settings like strength, white and black point, highlight saturation and temperature.

Of course none of these settings really help if the photo was taken with the incorrect white balance like the one above.

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