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Does it look festooned?

Does it look festooned?

Many environmentally concern people do not want there to be offshore drilling (especially their offshore) because of the visibility of the oil platforms in the distance. Living in Santa Barbara I have to agree that offshore oil platforms, like the one above, are lit on the horizon like a festive christmas tree. They do tend to impinge on sweeping oceanic views of the horizon.

Locally at least the oil platforms are associated with the abundance of tar on and around the beaches. Go for a barefoot walk in the sand on a UCSB beach and you will end up with at least one patch of tar clinging to the sole of your foot. If the oil drilling is what caused this tar I would be completely against them. Except they don’t cause it. The tar seeps naturally out of the ground and floats its way to shore.

The tar and the oil platforms are caused by the same thing.

Those who cry foul at oil platforms on the horizon turn around at declaim those who object to wind farms being built out at sea. If you object to offshore wind farms for ascetic reasons you become an environmentally insensitive kitten juggler (an amusing if dangerous sport). Yet if you decry offshore drilling for the impinged upon horizon then you are for the environment.

I realize that there are real legitimate reasons to support and object both and I those arguments I can accept. But when the same argument is both embraced and vilified in both cases I have to laugh.

Dolphin powered turbines would be way more efficient.

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