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Literary Photography


So many books to read. So I took a picture.

So many books to read. So I took a picture.

The other day I decided to try to take some photos in the UCSB library between classes. I had several shots in mind, namely I wanted a wide angle photo taken between library stacks with the ocean visible out of the window.

I underestimated several things.

First I forgot how full the top floor of the library is, even in the middle of the day. Not only was it full it was completely silent. This silent only highlighted two things: my shoes were awfully squeaky, second a camera shutter is surprisingly loud.

Taking photos on that floor was awkward. And not the good awkward where I am wedging myself against pillars to get the right angle, but an intrusive sort of awkward from invading a quiet study space. I only was able to take a few photos this time around.

I will need to find a good time to go back when the sky is clear and the areas are empty. I doubt that will happen.

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