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Heilan Coo

The Revered Heilan Coo, Hamish.

The Revered Heilan Coo, Hamish.


Before a trip out of Edinburgh to Loch Lomond I had never heard of the Heilan Coo. Then I found out from a friend that we were going to meet the most famous of the Heilan Coo, Hamish. The tour guide told all of his background information, his age, where he was from, what he does now. When we finally reached his home he did not come out. Everyone on the tour tried everything to plead him out to see us.

It failed.

I gave up ever meeting Hamish.

Then, half a year later, I found myself on my way to the House of Hamish. At first he would not come out. Cajoles, jeers, and pleads fell onto deaf ears. He was having nothing to do with us. Again.

It took the women of the tour group to successfully call him out. And out he came! He was covered in long flowing golden hair. An affectionate greeting was given to all who came forward. 

There was jubilation amidst the tour.

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