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Some of my favorite trees at UCSB.

Some of my favorite trees at UCSB.

Taking photos at night I noticed something that I had not seen before. Lens flares. I guess in the past the flares have either been minor or blended well into the background. This time however they stood out.

I tried to get rid of them by adding a lens hood, in case they were coming from lights to my side. No luck. Then I tried moving the camera a couple feet left or right. Lens flares were still there but I found out they were coming from the lights in my frame. I attempted to reposition the camera to put the light sources behind the main tree I was shooting, I could almost do it but not quite.

Then I found the source of the lens flares — my UV filter.

If I take off the filter the flares go away and I can shoot like I normally would. But if I take off the filter then I lose the lens protection I have it there for. So I am conflicted.

I have the choice of taking it on and off while shooting at night, I could ignore the lens flares (except I can’t now I know they exist) or I could see about getting a better quality filter. 

I am not sure about the last two and I am leaning more towards the first. When I am shooting at night I am using a tripod so the chance of the camera falling or having an unfortunate accident with a frisbee is minimal. During the day when the camera is hand held and these dangers or ever present the lens flares do not show. 

That one flare took me thirty minutes of shooting time to correct.

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