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One of my personal favorites.

One of my personal favorites.

Constraint breeds creativity.

When I want to take photos and I don’t know what to point my camera at I limit myself. My favorite way of doing this is to just take a single lens and photograph anything interesting as I walk somewhere. Since I am in school I do this either between class or on the way to class. Of course I need to give myself extra time else I feel rushed.

Another constraint is to just use a single focal length, I do this by taking my 50mm prime lens which forces me to stick to 50mm. 

Only photographing flowers or buildings or colors can help stimulate creative photos as well.

A few days ago when walking to class a flare of yellow caught my eye. I was taking random photos and I found a pair of perfect sunflowers that were hiding in a median of the bike path. It was a good serendipitous moment.

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