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The entrance to the UCSB dorm Manzanita Village

The entrance to the UCSB dorm Manzanita Village

Apple released a new set of laptops today. And of course I want one of the new ones since mine (Powerbook G4) is getting a bit slow, especially when trying to process 10mb RAW image files. Aside from that one speed aspect and the lack of an intel processor I am still happy with my laptop.

There are few things about the new ones that really stood out too me.

The glossy screen. Before there was the option to have a matte finish, which I prefer only because that is what I currently have. I have read a lot of negative opinions about how glossy has terrible reflections compared to matte. Usually the same people also say how much better CRTs are compared to LCD. What has amused me is that CRTs are quite glossy, I guess the argument is valid when using a laptop outside.

The other (negative) changes are in the keyboard. Some decry the recessed keyboard versus the traditional powerbook style keyboards, that does not really bother me. What does is the loss of the fn enabled numpad as well as the enter key (it used to be between the Apple key and the keypad). I know I could use fn+return but for programs like Mathematica enter is the main key used in running processes.

The new design looks interesting and I do like the all glass screen, or at least I liked it on the iMacs I have seen. The other new feature that might have some useful functionality is the presence of two video cards: one integrated and another discrete. I have always been a proponent of the separate graphics cards for those that need them and having both, according to Apple, will help save on battery life. Anything would be better then my one hour battery I currently have. I would like to see if anyone finds a way to combine or run both for better graphics processing.

In short I want a new Macbook Pro. Of course I won’t be getting one. Though I might possibly have the chance of buying or receiving one if and or when I am accepted or attend graduate school. Ideally by then the new laptops will have a refresh on them to sort out the inevitable first generation issues.

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