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Spot and Patch removed the major lens flares.

Spot and Patch removed the major lens flares.

Continuing with Apple Aperture:

Next up I had two photos with lens flares. I knew that Aperture had a spot and patch tool, it just took me a few seconds to find it. My first photo had two major lens flares near the moon in a starry sky. The spot tool eliminated the lens flare leaving behind a uniform pool of obvious. I then tried the patch tool. 

Allow me to make a diversion here into a key aspect of aperture. The loupe tool. The zoom it provides is very convenient for examining edits or just getting close into details (very nice for macro shots), however the behavior of the loupe itself is just not right. In my mind it should allow one to zoom in on a specific site, move the loupe out of the way, still zoomed on the initial site, and then edit the site either at normal zoom or within the loupe itself. The closest I could get was letting the loupe be off-center, except even with this I could not edit the louped area.

Eventually I found out how to zoom the entire photo and this did what I wanted.

So the patch tool. I had trouble selection and moving around the patch selection, I will talk more about this in the performance section. Once I found the patch of the right area of sky it was easy to rotate to align the gradient in the sky as well as feather out the edges to blend. Without in depth viewing or knowing they were there I could not readily tell that the lens flares were patched out.

Once the sky was patched and I found out about the zoom tool my second lens flare patch was trivially easy. Especially since it was a small flare on the side of a building. No circular gradients in that photo. 

There are still some lens flares within foliage or hiding between tree branches that I would like to eliminate. But the payoff compared to time required makes them easy to overlook.

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