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The rusted foundation on Campus Point

The rusted foundation on Campus Point

In the end I don’t think I am ready to use Aperture full time. While there are some features in it that I would love to have on a daily basis I am hampered by performance. On my Powerbook G4 it does not run as smoothly as iPhoto 7, if I had a newer computer and speed was not an issue I think I would move all of my photos over to Aperture.

I could switch back and forth between the two depending on task, but I prefer having all of my photos in one nice location instead of worrying about which library the photo is in.

Price is not an issue since I can buy a student version of Aperture 2 from my campus bookstore for $89 instead of the $189 on the Apple store. I will continue using it until the trial runs out and then I will make the final decision. Speed may not be an issue in day to day usage and it may just be slow when doing photo editing or manipulation.

I suppose I should try Lightroom to give an even perspective but I feel that many of the issues (like speed) would be the same.

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