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A continuously burning flame in the UCSB science quad.

A continuously burning flame in the UCSB science quad.

Last night I went to free advance screening of the movie Repo: The Genetic Opera. I had no idea what to expect, if face it was not until I looked it up on wikipedia that I knew it was a musical. I just assumed that Genetic Opera was a neat title. Turns out that the movie calls itself a rock opera. I found that a lot of the songs sounded a lot like those from Rent except with heavier leanings toward rock and opera.

I liked everything about the movie except for one thing and my roommate put it best: “It would have been better without singing”. The actual singing felt like a leftover remnant for the movies life as a stage show. The world created in the movie could be the basis for a very deep graphic novel or further productions. But without the singing. Since all of the lines were sung in the movie some lines felt completely isolated and came out funny. They audience did laugh the lines.

I should mention the plot: there was a world-wide organ failure (for unexplained reasons) and a company, GeneCo, came in and sold new organs to people with heavy financing. Then the repossession of organs was legalized and from this was born Repo men. Hitmen surgeons who track down those who defaulted on the organs, kills them and returns them to GeneCo.

A very well done part of the movie is the way they handled expository backstory. They panned over pseudo-animated frames of a comic book to narrate the world. They did this both at the beginning and when a characters motive needed revealing.

I liked the movie and so I am talking about it on my blog just as the creators (who were there) wanted us the audience to do to promote the movie. It seems they have zero budget for advertisement.

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