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Not quite a running fence.

Not quite a running fence.

I did more studying for the Physics GRE this weekend. I created a study sheet based off of the physics I missed on the first practice test, I then studied that before the first practice test I took on Saturday.

Like the first practice test (GR0177) this one (GR9677) also destroyed me, my score only went up by 10 to 600. Not quite my goal.

So I went over what I did wrong like the first test and this time I completely rewrote my notes into a clear organized format. After a day of looking it over between doing other things (like laundry and personal statements) I took a third practice test, GR9277.

This one went loads better. I think I am starting to get the hang of when to omit a question instead of guessing, how to read the questions and not screwing up on the basic math. For the third test I got 720.

I have just one more practice test between me and the actual exam this Saturday. I want to get at least another 720 for consistency or my ideal score of 800.

If only this school stuff did not keep getting in the way.

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