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Mud hens are not the safest form of travel.

Mud hens are not the safest form of travel.

When I heard about this I was morally and physically conflicted. 

On one hand the mere idea of it revolted me, I mean I could do it for a few hours here and there. Thirteen hours though? That is a little intense and thinking of the long term affects on my body was not pleasant.

On the other hand — the price. Something this cheap and this easy is hard to reject. I mean I survived over night in East Midlands Airport without much physical pain. I have even slept before on Ryanair planes.

Ten euros to get from San Francisco to Stansted is so irresistible. For that price I am willing to eat only food I bring, take some heavy medication and sleep myself there. I am sure that the base price is so basic that it will be impossible to actually achieve. Even if after airport fees and the like a round trip cost around two hundred dollars I would still do it.

Two hundred dollars is a paid trip home from Santa Barbara, that same price to get to England would have me traveling back there a lot more.

It just feels so wrong to consider that much time with Ryanair.


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