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Sigh of Relief


If only my GRE will go as well as the presidential election.

If only my GRE will go as smoothly as the presidential election.

It is over. 

We now have President Elect Barack Obama.

Concern and worry over this part of the election is now fading away as worry and concern over local California propositions take over. All of the propositions I care about 1A, 4 and 8 are still too close to call and Measure M (for Sonoma-Marin county) has not been decided one way or another.

1A is for California high speed transit, 4 is parental notification of abortions, 8 is the gay marriage ban and M is for a smart commuter train through Sonoma and Marin counties. I really want a yes, no, no, yes. So far though it looks like yes, no, yes, maybe.

In any case I am glad to have taken part in election Barack Obama.

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