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An interesting design appeared in the bluffs.

An interesting design appeared in the bluffs.

I wanted to buy some prints of my photos because my photo only exist on my computer and I want to see what they look like on nice glossy paper. I looked into different ways to print and found that the cheapest and easiest way would be through iPhoto.

My first order was for about ten 5×7 photos. I placed the order and it shipped within a day or two. I then waited for two weeks for it to arrive. It never did. So I contacted Apple and they refunded the order without any disputes. Once the order was refunded I placed a second order, this time for 27 4×6 photos which came out to be the same price ($0.12 each). I hit submit and left as it uploaded.

A week later I went to close iPhoto and noticed that it froze during the upload so the order was not actually placed. I should have noticed that I did not get a confirmation e-mail from the other, but I was busy and did not. So I placed the order again and made sure that it transfered. This was two and a half weeks after my initial order.

During these weeks I looked into the cost of just buying myself some photo paper and printing it myself. Everytime I do though I see the price of the paper compared to the price of the prints from Kodak (through iPhoto) and decide to stay with iPhoto. 

Last Friday I finally received my prints. These arrived on Halloween and I placed the order on the Sunday before (so six days from order to receipt). Except for 3 they all turned out beautifully. Two had a lot of black in them coupled with high levels of noise which resulted in an odd patterning in the black sky, but this noise was in the original photo as well. Another photo came out a bit darker then I expected but still acceptable.

There was slight cropping done to some of the photos to get them to fit in the 4×6 format. I suppose if I cropped them first myself this could have been avoided. Also overall the color did not match that of my screen, for this I blame my lack of a fully calibrated screen. But that is why I wanted to print them out in the first place.

So it only took twenty-seven days from my first order to me holding my photos. Admittedly if it went smoothly the first time around it would have only taken six days.

For my next batch of photos I think I will try Snapfish as they offer twenty free prints for new users. Now I just need to get a fresh batch of photos.

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