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The Physics GRE


More Keukonhof Flowers

More Keukonhof Flowers

After a strenuous week and a half of study I took the Physics GRE this morning. It was a great use of a Saturday morning. The actual exam did not differ from the practice test in difficulty or content. 

Now there is a six week wait while this 100 question scantron test is graded. I suppose it is being graded by hand. I realize that they need to compile all of the tests together in order to compute the right percentile and to compare it to past exams but I feel that there might be a modern piece of equipment that could speed up this endeavor.

In the end six weeks is a good length of time to separate myself from the test and the results. While it was satisfactory to know my results immedietely afterwards for the general GRE a nice gap does help soften the potential disappointment.

Six weeks or in all likelihood January sometime I will find out about my Physics GRE. Until then all my graduate school dedicated time will be spent on the personal statement. Even more fun.

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