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A nice November sunset.

A nice November sunset.

I have a love hate relationship with protective lens filters. On one hand I want to keep a UV filter on my lens to protect them from the world. On the other hand why I am I putting a cheap piece of optics in front of my nice lenses? 

The advantages of having the UV filter is that they seem easier to clean and a filter would protect my lens if I happened to drop it. Of course when I am shooting in the day without direct light sources (like our friend the sun) the filter is not a detriment to shooting quality, that I can tell at least.

Now of course there are a few disadvantages to the protective filter. The major use is the persistent presence of lens flares, a minor issue is potential aberrations in the image. I am assuming this last part is an issue but I don’t have any metrics to test it.

In the end I find myself just taking off my lens filters and treating them as extra lens caps when shooting at night. Since when I potentially have lens flares it is the same time that I am using a tripod so there is a greatly reduced chance of dropping the camera.

Unless I tip over the tripod.

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