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Flower Gradient Poster


The final poster using all of the photos.

The final poster using all of the photos.

After I received my prints from Apple my neighbor told me about another photo printing service Snapfish. What made me interested was that they offered fifty free 4×6 prints for new users. Another service, Shutterfly, also offers this though I do not have my photo from them yet.

I took the idea of the fifty free prints and combined it with my suitemates idea of making a gradient poster from nature shots. And from this the poster above was born. I recognize that it is not perfect but it is my first attempt at this type of poster.

About the Snapfish experience compared to iPhoto print services. The first thing I noticed was that I could not upload RAW photos but had to use jpeg, likely a bandwidth issue. As I was ordering the photos there was the option to have 4×6 photos cropped or to have some of my photos printed on 4×5.1 paper at a full frame. I took the smaller format to prevent unwanted cropping. For this I could have cropped them myself but it did not seem worth it.

One part of Snapfish I did not like was the shipping policy. I am rather math inclined but their shipping pricing system is a little strange or just poorly explained. I paid $3.44 to mail the fifty photos through USPS. Unlike iPhoto these arrived quite promptly. I ordered on a Thursday and they arrived the following Monday. That did impress me.

I find that the color rendition is a little better then those I received through iPhoto. I had one overlap photo (the sunflower) and it came out with a little brighter yellows. Similar to iPhoto they were both printed on Kodak photo paper. The backs of the Snapfish also had Snapfish followed by a serial number and print date on the back. I assume that the number is to allow tracking and possibly (if they were smart about it) reprints. Especially if the photo was given as a gift.

I should be getting a set of photos from Shutterfly sometime this week or next and I will see how they stack up to Snapfish and iPhoto. Eventually I will order a poster or two to see how they turn out.

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