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Sainte Chapelle in Paris.

Sainte Chapelle in Paris.

I received my fifty free photos from Shutterfly earlier this week including the one above of Sainte-Chapelle. The quality is very similar to the other two services, mainly because I am only getting prints sized at 4×6 instead of larger poster prints.

Unlike the photos from Snapfish all of the ones taken with my Olympus point and shoot were cropped down to fit the format while those from my Nikon D60 are already in the format. A plus though is that the photo name is printed on the back. The default name is the file name followed by the photo date. If desired this can be overwritten to something else. Below this one like is Ordered at Shutterfly.

The photos are printed on Fujifilm Crystal Archive paper instead of Kodak paper. I am sure there may be some difference in long term color retention or fading between the two but I do not have the means to test this.

As with Snapfish the photos can only be uploaded as non-RAW/TIF formats. I assume iPhoto also has this restriction but as it is integrated into the service this step is avoided. 

The delivery time was just one day later then the Snapfish photos and as they were fast so were these.

For both services there are many websites dedicated to coupons, a quick google search for Snapfish Coupons or Shutterfly Coupons leads to many sites with various discounts. There are not that many for iPhoto.

The first set from Shutterfly was completely free, even the shipping cost me nothing. So if you are wondering how your photos would turn out with the different services, try Shutterfly as it will cost you nothing except the bandwidth to upload the photos.

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