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Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a great medieval town in Germany.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a great medieval town in Germany.

One aspect of study abroad that is never fun for anyone involved, at least not anyone I know, is grade transfers. It is like getting normal transfer grades except with a large body of water and a cultural divide between Universities. As I was a in a study abroad program directly through my school (University of California Education Abroad Program is awesome) my grades were relatively painless to transfer over. Painless in that I only had to contact half a dozen people, meet several advisors, get a few add codes and have a lot of patience to get my grades over.

So when I started filling out the graduate school application (surprisingly easy aside from the personal statement part) all asked to list all schools attended. No problem I just list UCSB and Edinburgh University. Then in the transcript part they want all official transcripts from all schools attended. This caused a little concern.

If I needed to I could get official transcripts sent but I do not know the cost or if I can even access them anymore (my Edinburgh e-mail address has been deactivated). Besides the grades already appear (slightly modified) on my Santa Barbara transcript so they would be the same grades twice. Worried about this I realized that this is the exact question I should just ask the graduate admissions advisor at the schools I am applying too.

As most of the schools I am looking at are a time zone or two off from me when I checked my e-mail this morning I found responses from almost all of them (5/6ths). Essentially they just need the transcripts from Santa Barbara as they hold the grades.

So if you have studied abroad and are worried about official transcripts from study abroad schools, if they are on your home school transcript that should suffice.

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