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Tivoli is more fun then graduate applications.

Tivoli is more fun then graduate applications.

One of the challenging aspects of applying to graduate school is not the application or the tests or the overwhelming sense of unknown (it could be a variable sense or even a mild perturbative feeling) rather the keeping it all organized. At first I tried to keep everything in individual folders but soon found that a lot of information is not a document but text.

For keep ideas organized, especially for my personal statement, I used a FreeMind, which I mentioned before. The other two important organizational tools has been my mail client (Apple Mail, but Thunderbird would also work) and a note organizational program such as MacJournal.

Within my note program I found it best to organize two ways: the first is a file for each University and the second is for each requirement. For instance my Personal Statement file has what each University needs for its personal statement and related notes. For the University files I list all of the e-mails I have sent and notes of professors that I want to contact. 

Luckily my program also has color coding of the files for easy recognition for what needs to be done.

Overall these programs have helped in organization and from there they have helped in the entire process.

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