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Nothing to see here, move along.

Nothing to see here, move along.

Fall quarter is a very sneak quarter.

The beginning is a fresh year, time to accomplish anything, finals a distant future.

A few weeks in a groove is found, it is known when homeworks are due and when to do them (most of the time the day before).

Then without out warning you are mired in a sea of midterms, one, two, three in the first week. Then that fourth class goes rogue assigns one in the week after that.

Maybe a week of respite or maybe a class has a misunderstanding of the word “midterm” and there is a second or third from the class.

By this time Halloween has gone and November is in full force. Climbing out of midterms and exams you look towards the future and see food.

Piles, mounds, gobs of delicious consumables. Thanksgiving holiday is coming. Rides home are arranged and life looks good. The short week before has some minimal homework but mostly it is about stretching before the big day.

Just one thing lies beneath of the surface of conciousness, a whisper in the dark that barely wakes you in the dark as you dream of pie mountains:

Dead week.

Right after Thanksgiving is Dead Week. Some believe it was named because there were no classes before finals or that work was limited. My theory on the origins of this name is that the week makes us envy the dead. 

Rest is gone and finals are here. Even more critically it is when all of the applications tend to be due: study abroad, summer internships, graduate school or research proposals.

Then it is over. It is done. With the beauty of the quarter system every obligation and class requirement is gone like the memories of October. Two, maybe three weeks of rest before Winter Quarter.

Winter Quarter is not a sneaky quarter.

It is just wet.

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