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Fencing, get it, fencing.

Fencing, get it, fencing.

I had my first fencing tournament today at Cal Poly (SLO). I was competing in the mixed novice foil competition against about fifty other people. After the first five bouts, which are used to determine which pool I go into and initial rank, I was placed at 36th out of the fifty. Not too hopeful.

After we were placed into pools we had direct elimination bouts until only one person remained (I mean all of us did live in the end). I manage to win my way up to the top eight fencers. Then I lost to a friend from club, Alexei, who went on to come in first. I feel better knowing that the person I lost too was both from my club and also won overall. This gives me the illusion that I could have come in at least second if the matchings had been different.

I am fairly confident that this match was for all of California as there were people from Davis to (I think) San Diego. If that is the case then I am happy with being 8th in the state for novice foil. I know that one tournament cannot decide that (I was 31th nationally in the UK for Novice Gents Indoor Recurve or 171st for UK Gents Indoor Recurve) but it does feel good to have a nice ribbon.

Admittedly I wish I had won first, or at least received a metal.

Oh and it is called the Turkey Tournament since there is large turkey feed afterwards for those who wanted to go, we passed and went to In ‘N Out burger.

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