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School can be surprisingly busy, like this photo.

School can be surprisingly busy, like this photo.

Somewhere between High School and now weekends lost their appeal. During high school and even to some extent my freshman year weekends were this glorious time in which school was left aside and the days were thrown open to possibility.

That possibility is crushed now.

Weekends are now bastions of work and chores. Days lost to lab work and evenings devoured by applications.

Time lost to physics, time lost to school and time lost to keeping up.

The shift has been so gradual that I have not noticed till now. I suppose I started doing an hour or so at the beginning and now it has grown to become twelve hours of work every day of the week. A little respite at times of Thursday and Friday but always with the caveat in the back of the mind that there is more work to do.

It is really a challenge to just remain afloat.

Despite all of this, or maybe because of it, I enjoy it. I suppose if I was an accounting major I would not be happy but since I am doing physics it is worth it.

I guess I am trying to say that it is good to study what you love because towards the end it is all you have left.

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