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Good graveyards in Europe.

Good graveyards in Europe.

A little bit ago I did a review of iPhoto Print Service, Snapfish and Shutterfly. I mentioned how my first set of photos from Apple never arrived. Well they came today. They were printed on October 7th and took a month and a half to arrive.

Not the best of delivery times.

Instead of being the smallest possible (4×6) these are the larger 5×7 prints. I did not think that an inch in each direction would make such a difference but it really does. Of those that I ordered and liked in the smaller format they looked a lot better slightly larger. One of the ones that turned out alright on a 4×6 really improved as a 5×7 since more details could be made out.

It tempts me to order a set of 10×14 photos from one of the three services.

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