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50mm Lens


I love my lens.

I love my lens.

When I initially bought my Nikon 50mm f/1.8 lens I did it because of the price and because everyone online said that it was a great lens. I have to admit that they were right. It has become my favorite lens despite, or because of, the lack of autofocus with my D60.

It was to my surprise then that when at fencing practice two teammates brought their cameras to practice and both were using the 50mm primes. They also had the same reactiosn, they loved it. Their cameras had autofocus but they loved the speed of the f/1.8 that allowed them to take photos inside.

It makes me tempted to purchase a second prime lens like the 105mm macro lens, then I look at the price tag and enjoy my 50mm even more.

I just wish I had more time this week (finals week here at UCSB) to take more photos with my 50mm. There is always next quarter.

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