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It is the small sign that matters.

It is the small sign that matters.

Locally one of the main endangered species is the California Tiger Salamander. Most of the time the thought of endangered species elicits pandas, polar bears or spotted owls. For me it is a small black salamander that does not know where it should live.

We are told that it only lives on the other side of the freeway from our house, yet I see it occasionally in our yard or even sitting under the garage door. I know that it has single handedly blocked several constructions projects over the last few years, which is odd since it seems to be doing just fine after the construction.

I was then surprised when at the San Francisco Academy of Sciences I saw this sign (not the Mass Extinction one) and finally found out what was threatening the poor tasty little salamanders.


I always had a suspicion it was them, being the most endangered species of them all they attempt to take out others on the list so that only dinosaurs remain. Some may claim that they are in fact extinct, but as you cannot prove a negative they could very well just be extremely endangered. I believe that they thrive in Northern California on a diet of tiger salamanders and Sebastapol Meadow Foam.

I bet they are non-native as well.

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