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Packing Heavy


A curious pelican.

A curious pelican.

For the first time my immediate family was broken apart for Christmas. It was not from a divorce, rather it was my brother going to Colorado with his girlfriend (her family) for Christmas. What shocked me about this revelation was the packing.

My brother grew up in the same household as I so he knows how to pack light and all of that good travel stuff. However his girlfriend has not traveled that much and so she was never taught how to pack light or the benefits therein. 

She could fit inside of her suitcase and zip it up.

My family and I were shocked at the size of the luggage and the shear amount of stuff. I realize that Colorado is a particularly cold place this time of year but I was nonetheless amazed. They were weighing their bags for the flight. Not their carry-on bags but their checked luggage. The maximum allowance was checked, several jackets were worn on. It was a lot of stuff.

They were only going for nine days.

We were worried about the trip since my brother does not have a current passport. It had to be pointed out to us that a passport is not needed to go to Colorado. We are not used to flying domestic.

One week or one month I pack the same carry-on amount of stuff (except going to Edinburgh to live for a year). So seeing the ginormous bags for the week startled me. I see now why there are websites dedicated to packing light.

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