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A Lensbaby view of a closed door.

A Lensbaby view of a closed door.

I spent the weekend at my grandmother’s house in Nevada City.

Nevada City is an interested town for me to visit, it sits in the middle of the Gold Country in California Sierra Nevadas (it is not in Nevada) about an hour from Lake Tahoe. It is very much a tourist destination with a very quaint main street lined with stores and architecture. There are a lot of things for a tourist to see and do there.

Since I grew up there (at least spent summers) I never viewed it as a tourist destination or looked at it as a traveler. This time around I tried to see it through new eyes and a new lens. I took my Lensbaby through the main street and up around looking at houses. 

I find that walking around taking travel-esque photos with my Lensbaby to be somewhat difficult. With the Lensbaby I need to keep in mind most things that are automated with other lenses, this in turn made me take more time to consider a photo before taking it, I had a lot fewer random photos and more thoughtful ones. 

Nevada City had a lot of natural beauty in its forests, streams and mountains. I never considered this as they formed the backdrop to my childhood, it is only in comparison to other regions that I realize how heavily forested it is. For one of my photos this provided a good bokah backdrop to the foreground. As most of the trees are evergreen the background persists even if one is visiting in late December.

Next time I will be there will be in the summer and I hope to finally do some long exposure water photography.

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