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Just waiting around

Just waiting around

Last week I finally received in my physics GRE scores. During my practice tests I scored low at first (500ish) and by the last two I scored 680 and 700. I was satisfied with this as a few people said that their scores went up when they actually took the GRE.

Not so for me.

My final score was 690, right between the practice scores of the most recent practice tests. Goes to show that they can be accurate in assessing ability consistently.

I would like to point out that my graduate schools received the GRE scores a full week before I received mine. I mean is is good that they sent them to schools first but I was also interested in knowing how I did.

With that last piece of required testing in as well as my fall grades I have been finishing everything up. For three of my universities I am done with submitting material. For two more I need to assemble packets of letters of recommendation and transcripts and some pieces of paperwork (like teaching experience and GPA calculations).

For the most part what remains is ensuring that all of my transcripts and letters of recommendation arrive at the schools. There has been some issues with my official UCSB transcripts counting for my official Edinburgh University transcripts but an e-mail to the schools easily clears this up without a problem. I just want to make sure that none of my applications are thrown out because of the application system registers something as incomplete.

And of course since one of professors air mailed my letters of recommendation they are likely buried in heaping piles of paper in some office somewhere, slowly being sorted by an underpaid undergraduate.

It is almost to the point of just waiting.

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