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Nothing like being back in Santa Barbara

Nothing like being back in Santa Barbara

Today was my first full day back in Santa Barbara after the winter break. I have feeling that it will be a long quarter with three labs.

In a break of surprising productivity I managed to finish and submit the initial application for Teach for America today before my first class. Most of the application was fairly easy as they were standard questions, the only difficulty was in the personal statement part.

The first statement was a letter of intent asking why we wanted to join the corps. I had to think back to why I was applying, fortunately I remembered and finished that part up relatively easily (only 350 out of 500 words). The second statement was an essay about a project I worked on and obstacles during that project. This was more challenging to write.

The challenge came from both my lack of working on definite projects and also never really encountering insurmountable or interesting obstacles. I have had plenty of mundane obstacles yet nothing that was unique or applicable to Teach for America. So I wrote about my current project in my lab and problems faced so far.

To be honest it is probably not the best statement, it may be unique, though not the best. I will be surprised if I make it to the next stage however I did apply since I do not want to regret to do otherwise.

I just so tired of applications right now.

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