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Macworld 2009


Stacks would greatly help with HDR organization.

Stacks would greatly help with HDR organization.

I always look forward to Macworld, it one of the small bright spots in the sudden deluge of winter quarter. This year I was not hoping for much, I was not interested in a new Mini or iMac nor the new Macbook Pro.

What I wanted was a new iPhoto. A new iPhoto was released as part of iLife ‘09 but it did not go in the direction I wanted. I wanted a slightly more robust photo program along the lines of Aperture. A loupe feature, better editing (like being able to input numerical values), the ability to compare two photos side by side or more importantly stacks. If Stacks became available for the iPhoto I would buy it as soon as I possibly could.

But it does not. Instead iPhoto went towards online sharing with Facebook and Flickr (I use both so admittedly it would be nice). Some neat features sure, but not quite what I would use.

Something not really mentioned but I love is the small new feature of iWeb to upload to an FTP site instead of MobileMe. That tempts to buy iLife ‘09, except that I found a substitute through Flickr and even WordPress to some degree.

I can always keep dreaming.

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