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Gamecube Controllers


Some things work well in triangular formations.

Some things work well in triangular formations.

As I packed my belongings to head back down to school after winter break I made a potentially fatal decision. I brought down my Wii.

Not just my Wii but also my four gamecube controllers, all my gamecube games, four N64 controllers and N64 games. My neighbor was supposed to being an N64 but did not, I will get that later.

Instead of spending my spare time reading textbooks or any of that good scholastic stuff I am now sucked into hours of video games.

Nothing wrong with that.

However it has been brought to my attention that I need to repair several of my gamecube controllers. The first one was an non-Nintendo one that needed some rewiring. Easy to take apart, find the problem and patch up the cord. Now it work fine.

Once that was finished a friend mentioned that the buttons on his controller (the one that came with my original Gamecube) had some mushy buttons. Today I went to take it apart to clean it out.

One problem, Nintendo does not like to use normal screws. Instead they use a three prong “tri wing” screw that needs a special screwdriver. So I ordered one online today (they are not in stores) in an attempt to prolong the longevity of my otherwise excellent controllers far into the future.

This is tons cheaper then buying a third or fourth WiiMote.

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An Evening Gone


Sometimes no work needs to be done.

Sometimes no work needs to be done.

My entire evening lost to Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Sometimes it happens.

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