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Without applications I have time to actually go to the beach.

Without applications I have time to actually go to the beach.

After a week of hunting I was able to track down and capture the last two letters of recommendation I needed for graduate school. Immediately after securing the elusive envelopes I went to the post office before it closed and mailed my final packets off to varied destination.

When I originally started the process of my applications I thought I would like the completely online applications better then the ones requiring paper packets. Turns out I was completely wrong. The ones that required me to mail in a packet with transcripts, letters of recommendation and other forms are easier. Since I am mailing it I know that I have everything together and that it will make it on time.

No worrying about how or when a professor mailed something or if it was sent to the right address. 

I say this because I am finished with several applications but I am still unsure if a particular professors paper letter (the rest were electronic) made it in time or even made it. It could be lost in large piles of paper and I will never know.

At least I know that two schools will received all the material.

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