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I am fairly sure that this is indeed a butterfly.

I am fairly sure that this is indeed a butterfly.

When I upload new photos to my computer I go through and keyword them so I can perhaps find them later. The amount of keywording really depends on how I feel at the time, sometimes I go the extent of labeling subject or color most often I just do location and sometimes lens.

One set I always keep up is the keyword for photos I have used in this blog, so I know that I don’t post the same photo twice. Likewise when I am adding keywords I pull aside photos to use in future blog posts, either as an addition to a post or as a subject.

The problem is that some photo shoots result in ten or twenty photos tagged this way and a back log starts to occur. And thus photos like the above one are pulled out and added to a non-photo related post to help clear things out. I try to vary the photo of the day but sometimes I realize that I have posted five sunset shots in a row or three leftover aquarium shots.

These leftovers are of course good for short posts of just a photo and a line of text or two.

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